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NOTE: Beginning with purchases made September 21 and beyond, you may buy up to four cab coupon books monthly OR receive a larger reimbursement through the ridesharing program.
Read announcement regarding permanent 4-book option.

  • Share A Fare allows participants to purchase cab coupon books at a reduced rate. The coupons can be used to pay all or part of an individual's cab fare and do not have an expiration date.  Additionally, participants are not required to use all of the coupons before ordering more books.
  • Each approved Share A Fare participant may purchase up to 3 coupon books in a calendar month except for promotional months. See promotions & specials page.
  • Cab coupon books have 25 $1. tickets and the reduced cost to you is $12.50 per book.
  • When completed Order Forms are received by 12-noon on the 20th of the month, tickets will be mailed on or about the 25th of that month
  • Any orders for coupons received past 12-noon on the 20th of each month may not be fulfilled until the next month.

If purchasing here or via mail:

  • 1 book = $12.50 + $2 postage, or $14.50
  • 2 books = $25.00 + $2 postage, or $27.00
  • 3 books = $37.50 + $2 postage, or $39.50
  • You may order using the online "Pay Now" button below
  • or send payment to:
    Share A Fare, Inc.
    PO Box 6253
    Omaha, NE  68106-0253

  • Share A Fare is announcing two cab options:
    zTrip (formerly Happy Cab)
    & City Taxi. City Taxi has a limited service area. Call 402-933-8700 for details.
  • Choose zTrip (formerly Happy Cab), City Taxi or combination of both.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for buying only up to 3 books except for promotional months.

If you do not see the "Book Options" heading below, please log in here with the Username and code you were given.  Questions?  Call 402-827-9814.