Share A Fare now part of Share Omaha

Share A Fare is now a part of Share Omaha. Volunteer opportunities are now available online at

Share A Fare provides transportation for blind and visually impaired citizens in the greater Omaha area by promoting a Cab Subsidy Program through fund raising to enhance independent travel and effective participation in society.

The Omaha Chapter of the American Council of the Blind of Nebraska launched the Share A Fare program in 1993 to address these transportation needs.In 2003, the Share A Fare program incorporated as a separate nonprofit organization. The demands for funding of Share A Fare are ongoing.

Vision Resource Coalition

The Vision Resource Coalition began in 2010 as The Coalition of Vision Resources with 9 original organizations in Omaha and western Iowa.  Its purpose was to better inform optometrists and ophthalmologists about resources for people with chronic vision loss.  The Vision Resource Coalition has now expanded to a Coalition of over 20 organizations dedicated to serving the blind and visually impaired.  Visit them here.